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Client’s Billing Woes: Clients Need Be Respected, Too

Jennifer Walzer, in her You’re the Boss blog describes how she was mistreated and taken advantage of by lawyers retained to represent her business. It is no wonder why lawyers have such a bad reputation. In her article, Walzer describes how her lawyer’s retained to represent her in connection with a relatively simple real estate…
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My Move and a Television Appearance

It has been a grueling, but eventful week. Not only was I busy practicing law, but I moved my office to new quarters. During this time, a television interview I had given aired. As part of the move, I had to go through the files of my past clients, which gave me cause to reflect.…
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No Representations As To Results in this Blog

The other day I received a telephone call from one reader of this blog. The caller questioned whether I was one of the attorneys in the case I commented on. When I said that I was not in any way connected to the case, the caller asked, would there have been a “better” result if…
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Q&A on Lex Blog

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rob La Gatta of Lex Blog on my experiences as a blogger. You can read the interview here. This interview is part of a series Rob is doing, in which he explores all aspects of blogging and legal practice.
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