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Over-Payment of Child Support Can Only Be Re-Couped Against “Add-Ons”

Motions for modifications of child support are generally effective retroactive to the date the application is made. While the application to modify a support payment is pending, the non-custodial parent is urged to abide by the existing support order. If an upward modification is granted retroactively, the parent paying support is ordered to pay the…
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Fail to Pay Child Support, Lose Your License

The Rosen Law Blog  reminds us that there are penalties for the failure to pay child support.. The most obvious penalty is that the “dead-beat” parent can be incarcerated and held in contempt of court. In addition, in New York, the failure of a parent to pay court ordered child support can result in the…
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Tarazan, a child of divorce, is depressed.

This headline caught my eye:  Boy Tarzan's ma takes swing at dad in divorce. "The teenage star of Broadway's "Tarzan" was hurt so much by a bitter feud between his parents it sent him into intense therapy sessions."   "But the pain of talking about the vicious sparring was too much for 13-year-old Daniel Manche,…
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