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New York Courts Have Jurisdiction To Dissolve Civil Unions

A New York court has jurisdiction to hear an action to dissolve a civil union validly entered into outside of this state and to equitably distribute the property acquired during the civil union. New York courts have recognized and been increasingly accepting of the rights of same sex couples. New York will, for instance recognize,…
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Wave of Same-Sex Divorce to Follow Flood of Marriages?

Following up on yesterday’s posting is this article, in today’s New York Post, (in which I was quoted). The floodgates have opened; there will be thousands of same-sex marriages performed in California in the near future. In the aftermath, I anticipate a wave of same sex divorces. At least, one court has already recognized the…
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Same Sex Marriage Stimulates Economy

In an environment where every day we are greeted with news about the troubled economy, we are thankful for any sign of economic growth. Today, California began performing same sex marriages which may provide a boost to the local California economy. The New York Times reported that: The potential windfall of same-sex marriage was underscored…
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Domestic Partnerships and the Continuation of Maintenance

Postings in two divorce and family law blogs highlight a growing conflict between the states on how to deal with a parties continuing obligation to pay alimony or maintenance, as it called in New York, if the former spouse enters into a domestic partnership. To frame the issue, what happens if you are obligated to…
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