Mother Interferes with Visitation & Loses Custody

Some parents just do not get it; interfere with the other parent’s visitation or attempt to alienate the child from the other parent and risk losing custody of your children.  

In Barrington v. Barrington, a mother was not satisfied with sharing joint custody of her children.   Instead, as the court found at trial:

 the mother persistently engaged in a course of conduct calculated to frustrate the father's efforts to have a meaningful relationship with the son. In particular, she repeatedly refused to allow the father mid-week visitation with the son and, on one occasion, unnecessarily involved the police in an argument that she had with the father when he was returning the son to her after a visit. She also sought to align the son with her in her dispute with the father, even though she was well aware that such conduct was clearly not in the child's best interests

Given the mother’s conduct, the Court granted the father custody of the son.  

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