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Husband Convicted Of Murdering Wife Prohibited From Inheriting Her Estate

Dissolution of a marriage by divorce or annulment is one of the two events triggering marital assets to be distributed; death is the other event. However, if one spouse caused the death of the other, he/she will be prohibited from taking a distribution from his/her spouse’s estate. The Nassau County Surrogate’s Court in the case of…
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Identity Theft- How to Protect Yourself

If you are concerned about the growing incidents of identity theft, I recommend the following post from Trent Wilcox of the Arizona Divorce & Family Law blog: It’s beginning to look a lot like . . . well, like the winter holidays, with all the gift-giving and –receiving opportunities that abound. Gift lists grow ever-longer…
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Town Courts to be Reformed

In September, I commented on a series of disturbing articles in the New York Times about the lack of justice being dispensed in New York's village and town courts. Bloglines reports the reform is coming. "New York judicial officials have a plan to begin reforming the state’s 300-year-old system of town and village courts, which…
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Birth Mother Entitled to Visitation with Child Given Up for Adoption

A biological mother, who relinquished her paternal rights to her infant child, was granted the right to have visitation with the child.   As part of the surrender, the mother expressly reserved her right to see the child four times a year and to exchange cards and letters with the child. The Suffolk County Family Court…
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Fail to Pay Child Support, Lose Your License

The Rosen Law Blog  reminds us that there are penalties for the failure to pay child support.. The most obvious penalty is that the “dead-beat” parent can be incarcerated and held in contempt of court. In addition, in New York, the failure of a parent to pay court ordered child support can result in the…
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Pre-nup Terms Motive for Britney Spears’ Divorce

There is much speculation on the web and in the blogs, for those who really care, that Britney Spears did not pick November 6 as the day to file for divorce from Kevin Federline by accident. She filed two years and one month from the day of her marriage, on Oct. 6, 2004. Her prenup,…
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Equitable Distribution Award Trumped By Bankruptcy Filing?

A wife, who was awarded all the marital assets in a divorce, lost her bid to take immediate possession of the assets because her husband filed for bankruptcy.    The Second Circuit Court of Appeals in the case Musso v. Ostashko, ruled that even though the divorce trial court awarded the wife all of the marital…
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