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Marriage and Divorce Law: An Online Interview

Today, I had the pleasure of exploring the state of family and divorce  law in an online interview on the Legal Talk Network Here is description of the interview: The idea of marriage and divorce is not what it was years ago for many people. On Lawyer 2 Lawyer, we look at divorce law today…
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Grandparents Granted Visitation Approved by New York’s Highest Court

The Court of Appeals in Matter of E.S. v P.D., unanimously upheld a constitutional challenge to New York’s grandparent visitation law.     In upholding the New York Law which permits grandparents, under certain circumstances, to seek visitation with their grandchildren, the Court distinguished the New York law from the overly broad Washington law struck down…
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Disregard Court Orders, Be Held in Contempt and Go To Jail

The New York Times spotlights Justice Robert A. Ross, a matrimonial judge on Long Island. Justice Ross has apparently earned a reputation for enforcing court orders and judgments by holding recalcitrant litigants in contempt of court and imprisoning them. Too often, when a party prevails in a divorce action, winning a judgment against their spouse,…
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Valentine’s Day- The Day Cheating Spouses Get Caught

Valentine’s Day, for most, is the most romantic day of the year. Thanks to Hallmark, we buy the ones we love gifts and send them flowers. The problem, if you are married and sending the flowers and gifts  to someone other than your spouse, you may just get caught. Poynter Online details how , particularly on…
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You Cannot Sue Your Spouses Attorney for Malpractice

It comes as no surprise, given the absence of privity of contract, that you cannot sue your spouse's attorney for legal malpractice in a divorce action according to the New York Attorney Malpractice Blog.   However, Andrew Lavoot Bluestone reports that fraud and deceit may be available remedies: Here is a rare circumstance when you may…
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Top Financial Mistakes of Divorce

J. Benjamin Stevens in his South Carolina Family Law Blog  highlights  some of the biggest financial mistakes divorcing couples can make.   I have taken the liberty of reproducing it here: Divorces can be complicated and messy, both from a personal and a financial standpoint.  Forbes  published an article a couple of years ago which listed…
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A Speaking Engagement at the New York City Bar

I will be speaking at a Continuing Legal Education Program at the New York City Bar on Wednesday, February 7, 2007, in a seminar entitled, “Blogs The Wave of the Future For the American Lawyer: Creation, Use and Ethical Considerations.”   Joining me on the panel are Kevin O’Keefe  of LexBlog and Troy Rosasco.
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