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Divorce Denied in Grounds Trial: Jury Rules Married Till Death

In January, I wrote about the Taubs, who put up a wall and divided their home in two during the divorce. Well, the jury spoke and denied Mrs. Taub her divorce.  (You can request a jury trial on the issue of grounds in New York). As detailed in Daily News: In a divorce battle that…
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Wives Paying Spousal Maintenance on the Rise

One product of women earning as much as or even more than men is that more wives are paying alimony (maintenance in New York) to their ex-husbands. Forbes Magazine reports that another by-product is that as men set their sights on women's earnings, women have become more protective of those dollars. In fact, according to the…
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Program to Address Custody Issues Facilitates Divorce Settlements

With a dedicated staff which includes a parenting coordinator and a family services coordinator, the Court is able to refer litigants to alternate dispute resolution programs, counseling, and parent education programs. Under the auspices of the Court, the parties are encouraged, for instance, to develop parenting plans. According to Justice Robert Ross, the supervising judge of…
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Divorce and Taxes: Deductions, Exemptions and Other Issues

With taxes due next month, Scott Sagaria in his  California Family Law Blog offers some useful tax tips to parties divorcing.  While Scott's blog is addressed  to California residents, the tax information is applicable nationwide. When a couple is filing for divorce, but the divorce decree has not been finalized yet, they can still file…
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An Engagement Ring Must Be Returned If There is No Marriage

If parties do not wed, the engagement ring must be returned.   A engagement ring is a gift made in contemplation of marriage. The engagement ring is a conditional gift and if the marriage does not take place, the condition has not been satisfied and the ring must be returned. Despite this “golden rule,” it is sometimes…
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