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Engagement Rings: What Happens When the Bride Is Already Married?

It is well established in New York, that when an engagement is broken, the engagement ring must be returned to the groom.  The exception to this rule is when the man is already married, the intended bride gets to keep the ring. Recently, a New York court answered the question what happens to an engagement…
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I have learned that someone is mis-representing himself as working for me and is calling people throughout the country to collect a debt.  The person will call multiple times and threaten and harass the people he calls. The call is a scam.   This caller does not work for me and is in no way associated…
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Pre-Nuptial Agreements: Why To Consider One

The Wall Street Journal in an article written by Mary Pilon detailed some of the reasons couples enter into prenuptial agreements. In the article, I was quoted for having noticed a trend in my practice. In conversations with many of my younger clients, I observed that often they did not want a pre-nuptial agreement to…
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