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Pet Custody in New York: Who Gets the Dog in a Divorce?

Every dog has its day- a day of trial in a New York divorce court to determine which “parent” will obtain custody. Increasingly, custody of cats and dogs are issues in family law cases. While our pets are beloved family members, New York courts, up to now, have been reluctant to consider them anything other…
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Thanksgiving Wishes

Best wishes to all for an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. May your day be full of family and friends around a table full of delicious food and drink!   Daniel Clement  
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Can An Expectant New York Mother Be Prevented From Relocating?

The child relocation cases just keep coming. Recently, a mother was allowed to relocate so she could accept a job, which permitted her to support her family. In another case, a mother lost custody when the court found that a mother’s relocation, purportedly to accept a job, was really an attempt to thwart the father’s…
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To Win Your New York Divorce You Have To Sustain Your Burden of Proof

In a contested divorce case, there are a lot of moving parts.   There are procedural rules that guide how you get to court and how the case progresses though the court system.   There are the substantive laws that define the parties’ rights to equitable distribution, custody, maintenance and child support. Then there are the rules of evidence.…
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