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A Torn Up Pre Nup Is Still Valid

A pre-nuptial agreement torn in pieces and thrown off the honeymoon cruise ship is enforceable so ruled a Brooklyn judge. In a rather unusual case, as detailed in the New York Post  the couple entered in a pre-nuptial agreement which limited the wife’s right to maintenance and equitable distribution of the parties’ property. The husband, the…
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Can My Spouse Prevent Me From Getting A Divorce By Ignoring It?

So, you want to be divorced. Your spouse is clueless of your feelings, in denial, or just wouldn’t agree to a divorce. Are you out of luck, stuck in your marriage or can you extricate yourself and obtain a divorce in New York? Since the advent of no-fault divorce in New York, your spouse cannot…
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Size Does Matter: Does A Big Engagement Ring Predict Divorce?

The size of your engagement ring could be a predictor of the success of your marriage. A study conducted by two economics professors at Emory University concluded that the higher the cost of the engagement ring, the shorter the marriage. They further found that less expensive rings were often associated with longer marriages. According to…
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Alimony Reform- Are The Times A’Changing?

Nationwide, there has been a movement for alimony reform. States have considered have considered a litany of solutions to fix the arbitrariness of alimony or maintenance as is it is better known in New York. Maintenance can vary in both duration and the amount of the payments. Last year, the New York legislature considered proposals…
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