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Should I Buy an Online Legal Form? Buyer Beware!

Rather than retaining lawyers to represent them to prepare pre-nuptial agreements or other documents in their New York divorces, people are opting to purchase cheap online legal forms. This is a dangerous and troubling trend. I recently was retained to review a pre nuptial agreement for someone about to wed. From a cursory review of…
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Are Children With Same-Sex Parents Presumed Legitimate In New York?

One of the strongest presumptions in law is the presumption of legitimacy: the presumption that a child born to a marriage is the legitimate child of both parents. Likewise there is a presumption that a child born to a woman though artificial insemination with the consent in writing of the woman and her husband, shall…
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Invitation- “Divorce-Movin’ On” – A New York Divorce Report Event

  I would like to invite you to "Divorce-Movin' On" - a panel discussion on the legal, financial and emotional ramifications of divorce.  Learn how to smoothly transition to the next stage in your life. Joining me will be: Michael Shapot, a real estate broker, Susan Ganz, who assists individuals achieve their financial potential, and Emma…
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Proof That Bad Conduct Hurts You in Your New York Divorce

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” particularly if you are getting divorced in New York. While that seems like common sense, some parties resort to a scorched earth strategy to divorce; they want all the marital property and what they can’t get, they destroy. That questionable tactic backfired in a recent Manhattan divorce. In…
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