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7 Tips to Make Holiday Parenting Time Less Stressful

New York divorce child visitation The divorce and family court judges in New York will soon get very busy; Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season or, as divorce lawyers well know, the season that divorced and separated parents fight over holiday access time. Even when holiday parenting time is clearly delineated in a…
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Tabloid Divorce Illustrates New York Maintenance Law

Celebrity divorces are great teaching tools. High-profile divorces present the same issues as non-celebrity divorces, just with bigger numbers and a lot more tabloid coverage. The Huffington Post is reporting that the husband of actress Kaley Cuoco is seeking spousal maintenance and an award of counsel fees as part of the divorce. This should not…
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New York Attorney Retainers May Be Restrained to Pay Support Arrears

Need a source to collect maintenance arrears- here is a novel place,  your ex’s  attorney retainer account. An upstate court allowed a wife to collect maintenance arrears she was owed from the retainer paid to the husband’s attorney. The wife had obtained several money judgments against the husband due to his failure to pay support.  …
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Spousal Maintenance Guidelines Enacted in New York Divorces

New York has just enacted a new law to determine how the spousal maintenance is awarded in New York divorces. The law establishes guidelines to fix the length and amount of spousal maintenance both during the divorce action and following the entry of the judgment of divorce. Until now, post- divorce maintenance was awarded based…
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