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What is a Husband or Wife? The IRS Is Ready to Answer

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision recognizing same-sex marriage, same-sex marriage has become the law of the land. Federal laws and regulation are now being promulgated to effectuate recognition of same-sex marriage. In proposed regulations, the IRS has defined the terms “husband” and “wife” to be an individual lawfully married to another individual.  …
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Pet Custody in New York: What Standard To Apply?

  The pet custody wars continue in New York. The Law Journal is reporting that a Manhattan judge, who previously ruled that he would determine custody of a dog according to the "best interests of all concerned" standard that I previously wrote about, changed his position. Instead, he announced that custody of the dog will be…
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How Do You Distribute the Marital Home In A Divorce?

One of the biggest issues facing couples in New York engaged in a divorce is what to do with the marital home.     The difficulty is compounded when, as is most often is the case, the residence is encumbered by a mortgage. There are several possible outcomes with regard to distributing the marital home as part…
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