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Divorce3 Tips for Helping your Attorney in a Divorce

September 21, 2016

When you hire a divorce attorney, you are paying for the lawyer’s legal skills, experience, and knowledge, all measured by time. Clients often want to know what they can do to help their attorneys get them the best result for the lowest cost. There are three essential things you can do: provide all relevant information, communicate regularly, and listen.

Providing Information and Documents

Too often, people do not realize the importance of providing full and accurate information. To serve you best, your attorney needs to be aware of all facts–especially the ones that may be embarrassing to you or cast you in a less than favorable light. You should be prepared to provide your attorney with tax documents and copies of all your financial records.


Clear and complete communication with your attorney is a linchpin in an effective lawyer-client relationship. During the progression of your divorce, your attorney will continuously need information from you to best present your case. Responding promptly to requests will help your attorney position your case most favorably. In fact, in certain circumstances, failing to provide information according to court deadlines can adversely affect your case substantially.


An experienced family lawyer can provide you with significant advice to help you navigate the legal aspects of divorce effectively. Ask questions when you have them, and listen carefully to the answers. Your attorney can help you evaluate different outcomes based on choices you make in your case.

If it helps, take notes about your conversations with your lawyer. However, do not show them to anyone, and make sure you do not discuss the advice your lawyer gives you with others. Doing so could compromise the confidentiality of your attorney’s advice.

At Clement Law, we provide you with experienced, effective representation in your divorce and family law matters. We guide our clients through divorce and help them achieve results that protect their family, and their family’s future, after the divorce.

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