6 Tips to Prevent Divorce From Becoming All Consuming

Litigants going through divorce become all consumed by it. They eat, sleep and live divorce. They complain about their soon to be ex to their friends, family, their neighbors, their hair dresser, their mailman, and anyone or everyone they speak to. (If they are to be believed, it really makes you wonder how they could have been married to such a flawed person).

While it is necessary to open up and express feelings of anger, grief, betrayal and jealously, it may be unhealthy to constantly obsess about the divorce so that it becomes the sole reason for being..

The Modern Women’s Divorce Guide offers six practical ideas to prevent divorce from all consuming:

1. Establish a daily schedule that allows you to spend approximately one hour per day discussing or dealing with your divorce, except, of course, when more time is absolutely necessary (i.e. attending a court hearing). Stick to your schedule.
2. Stop texting, emailing, messaging and writing about your divorce to anyone, especially your EX! (Notes to lawyers as requested are permitted, within reason.)
3. Limit your divorce communications to one hour per day (see above) and only share your thoughts with a select group of people. (This will prevent your divorce from seeping into and filling up every corner of your life.)
4. Exercise daily, limit your alcohol intake and get as much rest as possible.
5. Distract yourself with positive people and activities. Find a new hobby, go out with friends, watch upbeat movies or do anything else you love.
6. Take up meditation or yoga to free your mind, body and spirit..


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