A Romantic Divorce Diversion on the Symbolic Loss of a Wedding Ring

This is primarily a blog about New York divorce. In it, I have repeatedly written about people fighting over engagement rings or engaged in their epic divorce struggles.  

For a change, on a hot summer day, I though I would acknowledge a touching and romantic piece from  The New York Times  on the loss of a wedding ring. 

I have worn my wedding ring every single day since my wedding more than seven years ago. I had never misplaced it before. But there I was staring at my bare finger. I noticed the indentation left by the ring, like a phantom band, and the skin tone of this narrow groove, a shade paler than the rest. I felt guilty, as though I had committed an act of infidelity. I imagined my wife’s quiet disappointment; there is nothing in the world quite like it. My hand grew heavy.

I offer this  op-ed piece as momentary diversion from the divorce battles and to re-affirm why it is we marry.

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