Adultery Does Not Have To Mean Divorce

An adulterous relationship does not necessarily always lead to divorce. The blog, Domestic Diversions offers insight on how to save your marriage after an affair.

The adulterer must be willing to disclose all the details of his affair and agree to new degrees of openness, says Rick Reynolds, founder of the Affair Recovery Center in Austin, Texas.****

It’s not always just the spouse who committed the transgression who has to change after an affair if a marriage is to recover.
Often it’s difficult for the betrayed party to consider what he or she could have done that may have helped lead to the affair, says Meg Haycraft, a Chicago couples specialist who founded a practice called TWOgether. That’s not to say that someone can blame their partner for an affair, she added.  ****

Reynolds] counsels the spouse who cheated to answer any question his or her partner has. But he also sets a date when the questioning must end.

In the end the person who cheated must admit that he/she made a mistake. Then, the parties have to be committed to restoring trust to their relationship.   

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