After Divorce, A Coffin for Your Wedding Ring?

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I received an email “introducing the Wedding Ring Coffin . . . the perfect divorce gift for those who are seeking a light-hearted ritual of closure at the end of their marriage”

You read correctly, a $30 coffin, complete with “brass handles” and a “black velvet lining that sets the ring off nicely”

The Boomer Blog, however, had an interesting take on this, recognizing that, perhaps, divorce is a cottage untapped cottage industry:

Clearly there are a lot of Americans with time on their hands and a few extra pennies in their pocket. And whose to blame them for wanting to part nicely with their past

For marketers this serves as a revelation: the wedding industry is a gloriously profitable one. Why not create a divorce industry—tailored to boomers who are going through the difficult but ultimately freeing divorce passageway and might appreciate a little levity. After all, it’s good to bury the hatchet.

I just wonder, what’s next? Ring burial plots?

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