Another House Divided . . .

The other evening I had the pleasure of being on a panel to discuss the nuts and bolts of legal blogging at a continuing legal education seminar at the New York City Bar Association with three of the best bloggers out there: Kevin O’Keefe, Scott Greenfield, and Eric Turkowitz.

As Kevin noted in his blog, Real Lawyers Have Blogs:

We covered a lot of ground for the 50 plus in attendance. The program went 3 hours strong running from 6 to 9 PM. . .

We reviewed the basics of blogs, blog publishing platforms, better blogging practices, RSS and how to use it, the marketing of your blog, and little a social media.

Not missing a beat, one of the attendees, Andrew Barovick sent me a note that he blogged about a Cambodian couple who resolved their property settlement by literally dividing their marital home. In his blog, Doing Big Things, Barovick noted that

Half of the house remains on the original site, about 56 miles from Phnom Penh. The former husband has moved his half of the house off of the lot, to an undisclosed location. According to a local attorney, the splitting of the property does not constitute a legal divorce.

This is very reminiscent of the Taubs, who during the divorce, built a wall, divided their home in two and then barricaded themselves into their separate enclaves. I suppose this just proves that unique divorce solutions can be found worldwide.  These neat solutions  provide interesting fodder about which to blog.

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