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Questions to Ask Before Marriage

The Family Law Prof Blog  picked up on a great piece that appeared in the New York Times. The piece is simply a series of questions couples should ask or wish they had asked before marrying. These questions are thought provoking and go to the core of the marital relationship. As a father/husband, I see…
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Survey Says: Pre Nups are Big with Baby Boomers

 Jeffrey Lalloway points out in his California Divorce and Family Law Blog, an overwhelming 80% of divorce attorneys cited an increase in prenuptial agreements during the past five years in a recent poll of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyer (AAML) members. In addition, 65% of those surveyed answered that prenuptial agreements are most often sought…
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Dissolving the Marriage: Divorce v. Annulment

Often times I receive a telephone call from a prospective client who states, “I don’t want a divorce. I want an annulment.” When I inquire as to why, I am typically greeted with silence because the distinction is not really understood.               An annulment invalidates a marriage that the parties were not legally capable of entering.…
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Canadian Same-Sex Marriages Not Valid in New York

It took only a week for the  reverberations to begin  from last week’s affirmance by the Court of Appeals of New York’s ban on same sex marriages. Last week, in the case Funderburke v. New York State Department of Civil Service, a Nassau County judge granted the State summary judgment, dismissing the case of a former…
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