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What Can Happen If You Ignore a New York Divorce Judge’s Orders

A law professor teaching about courtroom procedure once told his class that the first and most important rule of litigation was this: “Don’t tick off the judge.” Few things “tick off” judges more than when their orders aren’t followed. If you have been ordered to do – or not do – certain things by the…
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Your Ex and Your Social Security Benefits

Your divorce may be long behind you but if your golden years are right in front of you, your ex may be looking for a piece of your Social Security retirement benefits. Even if you have since remarried, your former spouse may be entitled to benefits based on your work record. In order to qualify…
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Can You Change Your Child’s Last Name After Divorce?

It is not uncommon for a spouse who took the other spouse’s surname during marriage to want to revert to their maiden name after a divorce. This is a personal decision and one that typically cannot be prevented simply because the other spouse objects. But what about a child’s surname? If a custodial parent who…
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Can a Step-Parent Be Ordered to Pay Child Support?

Step-parents often take on many of the responsibilities of biological parents when they become part of a family. But is one of those responsibilities the payment of child support for any step-children in the event of a divorce? In New York the answer depends on two factors: Availability of support from the non-custodial biological parent…
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