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Five Tax Tips to Maximize Your Divorce Settlement

Bottom line- money  disputes fuel divorces.   While the parties fight for every penny in dividing the marital assets, the parties often fail to tax impact their settlements.  The failure to consider taxes could “steal defeat from victory.”   Here are five tax tips that should be considered before entering into a divorce settlement 1.While two…
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Divorce Real Estate Agents: A New Specialty

The sale of a home is always a tension inducing experience. If the transaction is incident to a divorce, the tension increases exponentially. Disagreements can arise over a multitude of issues, including the selection of a broker, setting and negotiating the sale price, apportioning responsibility and the costs of preparing the property for sale and,…
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Eliminating the Risks of Separation for the “Un-Divorced”

Pamela Paul, in her New York Times article, The Un-Divorced, discusses the trend of couples separating, but not divorcing.   The primary reasons that parties remain married, but separated are the practical and financial, not familial. The effect of endless separations on the children rarely seems a priority. Perhaps the principle reason couples remain legally wed…
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Health Insurance: A Consideration in Divorce

The New York Times ran a front page story detailing how the availability of medical insurance has become a major consideration in the decision to divorce or to wed. In a poll conducted this spring by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a health policy research group, 7 percent of adults said someone in their household had…
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Domestic Partnerships and the Continuation of Maintenance

Postings in two divorce and family law blogs highlight a growing conflict between the states on how to deal with a parties continuing obligation to pay alimony or maintenance, as it called in New York, if the former spouse enters into a domestic partnership. To frame the issue, what happens if you are obligated to…
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