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Birth Mother Entitled to Visitation with Child Given Up for Adoption

A biological mother, who relinquished her paternal rights to her infant child, was granted the right to have visitation with the child.   As part of the surrender, the mother expressly reserved her right to see the child four times a year and to exchange cards and letters with the child. The Suffolk County Family Court…
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Tarazan, a child of divorce, is depressed.

This headline caught my eye:  Boy Tarzan's ma takes swing at dad in divorce. "The teenage star of Broadway's "Tarzan" was hurt so much by a bitter feud between his parents it sent him into intense therapy sessions."   "But the pain of talking about the vicious sparring was too much for 13-year-old Daniel Manche,…
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As summer begins, visitation issues heat up.

Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer. But, from a family law attorney’s perspective, summer began a long time ago. Some time before they purchase the sun screen, parents need  to make arrangements to plan for their children’s school vacation, summer camp and extended vacations away from home. However when the parents divorce and get to…
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