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Child custody is perhaps the most emotionally charged aspect of divorce. At Clement Law, we are committed helping you protect your children’s best interests. Daniel Clement has more than 25 years of experience. He uses his extensive experience to guide his clients through the process of determining child custody. He works with you to implement visitation and parenting time schedules that work for you.

We advocate to protect your parental rights and will fight for the best custody arrangement for you and your children.

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Focusing on Your Children’s Best Interests

Under New York law, the court looks to the best interests of the children to determine who should have primary physical custody of the children and to set a visitation schedule.

When you are seeking a particular custody arrangement, it is important to remember that the law will mainly consider what is best for your children. We will present the strongest case as to why it is in your children’s best interests to have the parenting plan you want.

Understanding Child Custody

There are two forms of custody:

  • Legal custody refers to decision making with regard to health, education and welfare of the children. Legal custody can be granted to one or both parents.
  • Physical custody refers to where the children live. Traditionally, one parent would have sole physical custody, and the other may have visitation rights. There is now a trend for both parents to share joint physical custody; when parents have joint physical custody, the children will spend time living in both parents’ homes.

Every case is unique. A court will consider a number of factors to determine what custody arrangement is best for your children. Your selection of the right attorney will impact that determination.

Our New York family law firm has successfully represented many parents seeking custody of their children. We will advocate, litigate and negotiate so you get the custody arrangement that is best for your children.

Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody in New York

  • Joint legal custody means the parents have to consult with each other on all major decisions involving the children’s health care, education, religion and welfare.
  • Sole legal custody gives one parent the power to make all decisions regarding the children's welfare.
  • Joint physical custody (also referred to as shared physical custody) means that the children split their time living in their parent’s separate homes.
  • Sole physical custody means one party has physical custody of the children and the other parent may have scheduled parenting time with the children.

Get the Custody Arrangement or Parenting Plan You Want With the Help of Skilled Legal Counsel

Neither spouse has an automatic right to custody of the children. Your selection of the right attorney with the requisite skills and experience enhances your chances of getting the best custody arrangement for your children.

If you are considering a divorce, or you are seeking custody or greater parenting time with your children, we are here to help. Email our New York City custody lawyer or call us at 212-683-9551.

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