Comprehensive divorce and family law book

Onward Upward is a comprehensive
divorce and family law book.

onward-upward-bookCo-authored by New York divorce and family law attorney Daniel Clement,  Onward & Upward rewards  the reader with  the perspectives of other attorneys and professionals on a myriad of New York family and matrimonial law topics, including issues regarding:

• The Divorce Process
• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Ground for Divorce
• Child Custody and Visitation
• Should I Negotiate or Litigate
• Spousal maintenance
• Court issues
• Property issues
• Martial agreements

Comprehensive New York divorce and family law book

What makes this book so special are the diverse viewpoints from the lawyer and non-lawyer professionals who counsel and assist people through the divorce processes. In addition to Daniel Clement, contributors to the book include other divorce and family law attorneys, parent coordinators, mediators, psychotherapists, financial experts, real estate professionals and even a private investigator.

Daniel Clement wrote chapters detailing the divorce court process in New York and litigation strategy and negotiation tactics.

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