Divorce Attorneys’ Ad-“Life is Short, Get a Divorce”- Demeans Profession

A billboard ad depicting a headless male torso and tanned female cleavage heaving forth from a black lace bra with the caption “Life is Short, Get a Divorce” is getting a lot of reaction on the blog-o-sphere today.

This ad, placed by a Chicago divorce firm (according to ABC News-an all female firm) is properly garnishing criticism.   While an attorney advertising his/her services is not objectionable, inducing (or “seducing”) a client to divorce is. While it is doubtful that a picture of a scantily clad woman would alone cause a man to leave his wife, it is not the divorce lawyer’s job to tempt the client by showing him that “grass may be greener” outside of marriage.

This ad does not promote the legal profession, highlight the firm’s advocacy skills or evidence the firm's legal knowledge. It does not even describe what services the law firm offers. Instead, it plays on sex and demeans the profession. It is precisely this type of undignified and unprofessional ad that caused the New York Court’s to regulate attorney advertising.

Unfortunately, the ad worked. The ad is getting noticed and the law firm’s is getting publicity.


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