Facts About Divorce and Marriage Revealed in Study

The good news, at least for New Yorker’s, is that New York has one lowest divorce rates in the nation.  This was one of the findings of a recent study conducted by Cornell University.

According to the study, the fear of a divorce is causing people to delay getting married.

...2 out of 3 of the participants said they were scared of the social, legal, emotional and economic consequences of divorce. Sharon Sassler, an associate professor at Cornell, says that this may be because there are so many high-profile stories about divorce, like Kim Kardashian’s and Jennifer Lopez’s.

Other findings include:

  • Of the one million divorces brought each year, 65% are initiated by women.
  • Lack of communication is the number one reason for divorce.
  • While  there are two million marriages each year, there are one million divorces.

The finding of study can be seen in this infographic.




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