Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Seeking a Divorce

The decision to divorce is not one to be undertaken impulsively or without due consideration.   The emotional and economic consequences of divorce will be felt by you, your spouse and your children for years.

In a thoughtful article, Jacob Schiffer poses four questions everyone should consider before seeking a divorce

1.   Why you are contemplating a divorce?

What is the problem with your marriage?   Will a divorce solve the problem or can it be resolved through counseling?   If the motivation for a divorce was a fight, has there been a sufficient “cooling off period?”  Is there a less drastic remedy than divorce?

2.  Have you considered your worst and best case scenarios of your case?  Can you accept either outcome?

3    Do you have the support system available to help you and your children through the divorce process.   Do you have friends or extended family to emotionally support you through the divorce?

4. Will you be able to act maturely after the divorce?

Particularly, when there are children, you will have to interact with your ex for many years following the divorce; are you willing to let go of any resentments you have towards your spouse?   Is there anything you can do in advance of the divorce to expedite the healing process?

While consideration of these factors may not make the divorce process any easier, it may  force you to realistically assess your expectations and may hasten the healing process.

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