Hidden Assets and Illicit Affairs Revealed By Electronic Devices

The New York Times featured a front page story on how computers, blackberries, cell phones and other electronic devices are being used to discover adulterous relationships and hidden assets.

The Mississippi Family Law Blog points out these electronic devises all leave a  trail which may be discovered during the course of litigation.

Folks need to understand that if you use a computer or a phone, you are leaving an electronic trail which can easily be followed. Once divorce proceedings begin, the discovery process can allow your spouse to discover e-mails and inspect computer hard drives. Just because you hit the delete button does not mean the data is gone. Many times it is easily recoverable.

But, before resorting to self-help cyber-sleuthing, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney, to ensure that you do not violate federal criminal law.  Stephen Worrall on the Georgia Family Law Blog has written extensively on this subject.

While the electronic crumbs left on a computer may evidence attempts to secrete assets, the Asset Search Blog details how money laundering schemes and other attempts to hide assets have been frustrated.

In short, in most cases, through due diligence and sheer bull doggedness, hidden assets will be discovered.

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