Marriage and Divorce Law: An Online Interview

Today, I had the pleasure of exploring the state of family and divorce  law in an online interview on the Legal Talk Network

Here is description of the interview:

The idea of marriage and divorce is not what it was years ago for many people. On Lawyer 2 Lawyer, we look at divorce law today and explore the world of marriage and how it has changed over the years. bloggers and co-hosts, J. Craig Williams and Robert Ambrogi welcome experts, Attorney Sherri Donovan, owner of the law firm, Sherri Donovan & Associates, P.C. and author of the published book, "Hit Him Where It Hurts-The Take No Prisoners Guide To Divorce" and Attorney Daniel E. Clement, principal in the Law Offices of Daniel E. Clement, and writer of the blog entitled, “New York Divorce Report, New York’s Family and Law Blog.”


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