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NY Spousal Maintenance/Alimony

Experienced New York City Alimony Attorney Maintenance, commonly referred to as alimony or spousal support, is an integral part of many divorces, both contested and uncontested. Your divorce attorney’s skills will greatly impact the amount and duration of any maintenance award. At Clement Law, we use our extensive family law experience to fight for our…
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New York Maintenance Laws To Change: How Will Post Divorce Maintenance Be Determined?

The laws governing spousal maintenance in New York may be soon be changing.    The Law Revision Commission issued a recommendation that New York adopt a formula to determine not only temporary maintenance, but post divorce maintenance as well. Presently, New York courts only use a formula to award temporary maintenance.    Post divorce maintenance is generally based…
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New York’s No Fault Divorce and Temporary Maintenance Rules Revisited

Though divorce filings are up on Long Island since the New York’s no-fault divorce law took effect 17 months ago, the law is having its intended effect; couples are concentrating on the financial and child custody issues rather airing their dirty laundry in grounds trials. According to Newsday, the number of new divorce cases in…
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Judge Deviates from Temporary Maintenance Formula

One of the major criticisms of the new temporary maintenance law enacted last year was that it would lead to severe results, disproportionately re-distributing income. The new law provides for a formula to calculate the presumptive temporary maintenance award.  The law also provides a number of factors to be considered when the presumptive award would…
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12 Divorce Myths Busted

If you’ve never been through a divorce before, the realities of the process will understandably be unfamiliar to you. If you are considering divorce and trying to learn about how a New York divorce works, you may get advice or supposed facts from friends, family members, your hairstylist, or someone at the gym. There’s a…
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How Do You Distribute the Marital Home In A Divorce?

One of the biggest issues facing couples in New York engaged in a divorce is what to do with the marital home.     The difficulty is compounded when, as is most often is the case, the residence is encumbered by a mortgage. There are several possible outcomes with regard to distributing the marital home as part…
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