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Child Support

Skilled Child Support Attorney in New York All parents are responsible for financially supporting their children. Since child support is to be paid until the children become emancipated (generally at age 21, and possibly later if the children are still attending college) the amount of child support is often a contentious component of a divorce.…
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Alimony Reform- Are The Times A’Changing?

Nationwide, there has been a movement for alimony reform. States have considered have considered a litany of solutions to fix the arbitrariness of alimony or maintenance as is it is better known in New York. Maintenance can vary in both duration and the amount of the payments. Last year, the New York legislature considered proposals…
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New York’s New Divorce Laws

This is an historic week in divorce law in New York.  The recently enacted no fault divorce law becomes effective October 12, 2010.    In addition to no fault divorce, three other divorce laws become effective this week including: 1.   a new procedures for setting awards of temporary maintenance while a divorce is pending; 2.  a procedure…
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No-Fault Divorce Enacted in New York

New York now has no-fault divorce. While signing the legislation into law,  the governor noted: Finally, New York has brought its divorce laws into the 21st century. . .  These bills fix a broken process that produced extended and contentious litigation, poisoned feelings between the parties and harmed the interests of those persons -- too…
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