Pre-Nups Gain Popularity

More couples are entering into pre-nuptial agreements reports Reuters.   It is not just the rich and famous looking to protect their assets, more and more middle class couples are entering into pre-nuptial agreements.

As reported by the American Academy of Matrimonial  Lawyers, increasing numbers of women are asking for  pre-nuptial agreements.

More women are working now than in precious decades and they are earning higher salaries. Women comprised 46.8 percent of U.S. workers in 2009, according to the U.S. Department of Labor and that number is expected to rise to 46.9 percent in 2018.

"In our historically male-dominated culture women didn't control money and now they need to plan as much as the men. More women have more assets these days and have more control over funds," said Moses, a family lawyer with 30 years of experience.

While marriage is supposed to be forever, the sad reality is that one half of all marriages will end in divorce. A pre-nuptial agreement can limit the acrimony at the time of a bitter break-up as assets and liabilities can be distributed in a pre-determined manner.  In most cases, New York courts will enforce a properly executed pre-nuptial agreement so long as it was not procured as a result of fraud, coercion or duress.

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