New York State Unified Court System
The official site for all New York Courts. The site contains information about the courts, court decisions, court forms, instructions for pro se litigants, attorney registration, information for jurors, directory of judges, information on public law libraries, electronically track a case and more.

New York Consolidated Law
The New York State Statutes

The Domestic Relations Law
The New York Statue controlling marriage and divorce

New York State Division of Child Support Enforcement
The child support program provides custodial parents with assistance in obtaining financial support and medical insurance coverage for their children by locating parents, establishing paternity, establishing support orders, and collecting and distributing child support payments.

New York Child Support Calculator
A tool to get an estimate of how much a non-custodial parent would have to pay as child support in New York

Cornell University Legal Information Institute
The Legal Information Institute (LII) is a research and electronic publishing activity of the Cornell Law School. Popular collections include: the U.S. Code, Supreme Court opinions.

New York Official Reports

This site provides access to a comprehensive collection of officially published New York court decisions from January 1, 1995 to the present. For the period of coverage, all decisions of the Court of Appeals and the Appellate Division, as well as selected opinions of the lower courts, are included. Motion decisions of the appellate courts also are available.

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