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DivorceUpdated-Separated New York Couple Campaign Against Each Other For Assembly

May 16, 2012

All is fair in love and war.   The same must be true in divorce and politics.

In an extreme case of “you have it, I want it,” Politico is reporting that a New York State Assembly member is being challenged for her seat by her estranged husband.

Mark Schimel has been nominated by the Nassau County GOP to run against Democrat Michelle Schimel, with whom he separated last year after 32 years of marriage and two kids.

While the candidates may have irreconcilable differences, the campaign could devolve into a bitter personal battle as they publically air their dirty laundry with all sorts of marital recriminations.

Even the husband’s mother was shocked and outraged.

Mark Schimel’s mother, Irma, told the New York Daily News she was shocked by her son’s decision to challenge Michelle.

“You’re joking,” she told the Daily News. “This is a really startling thing. It’s a shock. Why would he do this?”

Irma added that she believed her son will “never win anything against Michelle.”

“I love her very much,” Irma told the tabloid. “I can’t believe he’d do a thing like this. I’m going to talk to him.”

This may be a campaign even jaded New Yorkers watch.

UPDATED- Mark’s mother must have spoken to him.   He withdrew from the race.


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