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Same Sex Divorce- Available in New York, Questionable Elsewhere

While more states are allowing same sex marriage, obtaining a same sex divorce may be problematic. Though the District of Columbia and five states have legalized same-sex marriage, CNN is reporting that some states, which do not recognize same sex marriage explicitly ban same divorce or will not even recognize the validity of the marriage.…
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Same Sex Divorce Approved in New York

The Divorce Blog has reported that a same-sex couple, wed in Massachusetts, can divorce in New York. This is consistent with New York’s evolving policy of recognizing same sex marriages entered into outside of the State of New York. While New York will recognize a same sex marriage lawfully performed in a jurisdiction other than…
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Wave of Same-Sex Divorce to Follow Flood of Marriages?

Following up on yesterday’s posting is this article, in today’s New York Post, (in which I was quoted). The floodgates have opened; there will be thousands of same-sex marriages performed in California in the near future. In the aftermath, I anticipate a wave of same sex divorces. At least, one court has already recognized the…
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Same Sex Marriage – A Humorous View

In the past weeks, I have commented on the two recent court decisions regarding same sex marriage and same sex divorce divorce. I just saw a funny television commercial for the Broadway show, November regarding these very issues. In ad, the President (Nathan Lane) is asked by his aide for his view on gay marriage.…
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