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Same-Sex Custody in New York: Non-Biological Mom Can Seek Custody

Just as the definition of marriage has evolved in New York to include same-sex couples, so has the definition of family.   It is now common for a married same-sex couple to have children and, like heterosexual couples, when the relationship sours, custody battles ensue. Until recently, the existing law in New York was that a…
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New York Courts Continue Trend: Same Sex Marriage Recognized

A second appellate court went out of its way to implicitly recognize the legitimacy of same sex marriage in New York. I previously discussed the case of Funderburke v. State of New York in which the claim of an employee of the Uniondale school district who sought health benefits for his same-sex partner was dismissed.…
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Same Sex Separation Agreement Ruled Valid, Their Marriage Void

While the marriage between a same sex couple was declared void, their separation agreement, which resolved all of their property and financial disputes, was declared valid  by Justice Phyllis Gangel-Jacob in Gonzalez v. Green.   Although the parties were “married” pursuant to a Massachusetts law that permits same sex unions, their marriage was void since such marriages…
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