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Filing Tax Returns During Divorce: Joint or Separate?

Tax season is here. You’re looking backwards over the past year trying to figure out how much you owe the government and how to take advantage of as many deductions as possible. If you’re in the process of deducting your spouse from your life, it can raise a lot of questions that can complicate your…
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The Basics of Divorce and Taxes

The Oklahoma Family Law Blog highlights some of the basic tax concerns that need be considered in connection with divorce. • Alimony is taxable and deductible. The person who provides alimony can claim the payments as a deduction, while the person who receives it can avoid a large end-of-year tax bill by paying estimated taxes…
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Divorce and Taxes: Deductions, Exemptions and Other Issues

With taxes due next month, Scott Sagaria in his  California Family Law Blog offers some useful tax tips to parties divorcing.  While Scott's blog is addressed  to California residents, the tax information is applicable nationwide. When a couple is filing for divorce, but the divorce decree has not been finalized yet, they can still file…
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