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The Divorce Process:

Everything You Need To Know Before You Move Forward

My free Divorce Process eBook will guide you in:

  • Demystifying the legal process
  • Learning key legal terms
  • Acquainting yourself with the statement of net worth
  • Knowing how to strategize for the best possible outcome & more!
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Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Daniel Clement. I know that divorce can make you feel as though your world has been turned upside-down, making it difficult to know how to take the first step. My hope is that my free eBook “The Divorce Process: Everything You Need to Know Before You Move Forward” will supply you with the legal knowledge and confidence to guide you during this overwhelming time. If you’d like to talk about your specific situation, I can be reached through the contact form above.

Daniel Clement is a dedicated, hands-on New York divorce and family law attorney with more than 35 years’ experience. Selected as a Super Lawyer, he takes a pragmatic, individualized, and realistic approach to helping his clients through the often thorny path of divorce.


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Client Review

“Daniel is a highly skilled professional whose experience and emotional support were key enable me navigate and successfully go through what can be a challenging and stressful process at times. I am very grateful for his prompt responsiveness always, his commitment to protecting my interests and efficiency at getting my divorce finalized. I definitely recommend.”
Thomas Sczyrba
Client Review

“Dan Clement has provided outstanding, rapid, and effective work for me on 2 separate occasions. I find him to be extremely easy to work with, 100% committed and reassuring all the way through the legal process. Very highly recommended!”

–Craig B.

“Daniel was extremely professional and responsive to the sensitive nature of my divorce. He was caring, understanding, and extremely forthright. His communication skills were spectacular as he kept me updated at all stages of the case. I will recommend Daniel to all of my friends as well as business associates.”

–Brian M.

“Dan Clement was a tremendous help in my divorce. He knows the law, courts, and practicalities. These are complicated and emotional processes, and I was very glad to have Dan on my side throughout. He was a major factor in ensuring a fair resolution without the costs of an extended proceeding.”

–Amy M.

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