The Top Five Mistakes of Divorce

I was quoted in an article on AOL highlighting the Top Five Mistakes to Avoid in a Divorce.

According to the article, the top five mistakes are:

1.Failing to be prepared with copies of all relevant financial and legal documents;
2.Failing to obtain financial advice as part of the divorce. Parties often fail to consider impact of taxes on the assets to be distributed. Other assets need to be appraised;
3.Failing to sell the marital home when you can ill afford to remain in it;
4.Failing to explore settlement or other avenues of dispute resolution and, instead, rushing into court; and
5.Failing to untangle assets and debts acquired during the marriage.

The list is far from exhaustive. In fact, the number one mistake on my list would be using the divorce to punish your spouse. Vindictive conduct or using the divorce to extract revenge only increases the acrimony, unhappiness and the emotional, psychological and economic costs of divorce.


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