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DivorceWhy Mediate Your New York Divorce?

January 16, 2012

Divorce Mediation can be an effective alternative to litigating a divorce in court.  Rather than being adversaries in a courtroom, mediation allows you and your spouse to be engaged decision-making partners in resolving your divorce.   Divorce mediation allows you and your spouse, with the assistance of a neutral mediator, to structure a settlement that resolves the divorce in a way that is important to you.

The mediators do not represent or counsel either spouse. Instead, the mediator’s role is that of an unbiased, neutral third party who facilitates an agreement that addresses the needs, wants and desires of both parties.

Mediation is particularly effective when the parties have children and both parents share the common goal of doing what is best for the children.

Since everything discussed as part of the mediation is confidential, the parties are free to exchange idea and discuss settlement scenarios that they may not otherwise be open to in a more adversarial or litigated setting.   As a result, it may only take a few sessions to identify and resolve all of the issues relating to the divorce, saving the parties the emotional and economic expense associated with drawn out court battles.

A good and effective mediator will keep the lines of communication open, encourage the parties to think out of the box and brainstorm about ideas that will lead to a lasting settlement.   A successful mediation will result in an agreement, drafted by the mediator, memorializing the terms of agreement.  Most importantly, the parties will be satisfied that even if they did not get everything they wanted, the settlement is fair and, at a minimum, their voice was heard.

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