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9 Strange Reasons You May Be Destined For Divorce

9 of hearts Half of all marriages will end in divorce.  You would think that most divorces occur for the obvious reasons, financial woes, incompatibility, or infidelity.   But according to a recent article in Prevention Magazine, your divorce may have been caused by something else, something strange and surprising.
  1. Your commute is too long.
If you have a commute of at least 45 minutes in one direction, you are likely divorce according to a study a 2013 Swedish study published in the journal...
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Changes to New York Divorce Law Coming: Maintenance Reform and Say Goodbye to Enhance Earnings Capacity

new york divorce law Change is in the air with respect to New York divorce law.  Recently, the New York Legislature passed sweeping legislation affecting two major aspects of divorce law in New York. First, the legislature changed the method of awarding maintenance in divorce cases.   It also eliminated equitable distribution awards for a party’s enhanced earning capacity. While the legislation awaits the governor’s signature before coming law, the writing is on the wall and “The times they are a-changin.” Maintenance...
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Want To Ruin Your Marriage? Spend Time on Social Media

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The news just keeps coming, but no one seems to be listening. Social media is bad for marriage. And it is not great for people divorcing either.

One in seven married people said they have considered divorce because of their spouses’ behavior on popular social media sites and apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, What’sApp, and Twitter according to a British study. Almost a quarter of those polled by an English law...
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What is the Best Custody Arrangement After Divorce?

new york child custody Even the most well-intentioned parents may disagree about their children’s parenting plan or visitation schedule; as part of a divorce, it is not uncommon for parents to fight for an extra hour or day simply to maximize their time with the children. Long gone are the days when it was presumed that the mother will have sole custody of the children and that fathers only get to see them every other weekend. Joint custody is now the trend. But is...
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