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I Was Served With Divorce Papers, What Do I Do?

It is 6 a.m., and there is a knock on the door.  It is a process server sent by your soon-to-be ex to personally serve you with the summons for divorce.  What do you do? While couples marry, hoping to spend their entire lives together, life does not always go as planned.  Disputes or misunderstandings...

How To Avoid Losing Child Custody: 10 Important Tips

Parents fight hard and seek every advantage to obtain custody of their children when going through a divorce. While there are no surefire ways to guarantee that you will win custody of your children, there are definitely things that you can do to assure you will lose custody.   Perhaps as important as strategizing for victory,...

7 Facts About Divorce in New York

  Divorce is a life-changing event.   The breakup of a marriage has economic, emotional, and psychological consequences.    Often, parties start a divorce blindly without considering or understanding the impact divorce will have on their lives.  Before consulting with a New York divorce attorney,  you should know these seven facts about divorce: 1. There is no...

The Secret to Finding the Best Divorce Attorney For You

Facing Divorce. Now What? You and your spouse have been heading down an uncertain path for some time. Despite your best efforts to mend the relationship, you’ve reached an unavoidable and unwelcome detour: divorce.  Whether sudden or gradual, the decision to divorce is not an easy one, and neither is the dramatic shift in daily...

Covid Vaccination Raises Custody Issues In New York

Mirroring the national debate, covid vaccination has become an issue in divorce and child custody cases. New York courts are now being forced to grabble with issues in custody and parenting cases when children’s parents cannot agree about either their or their children’s vaccination status. These cases, and the cases that are yet to arise,...

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