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The team at Clement Law understands how difficult divorce can be. With over 35 years of family law experience, we understand your concerns. We can help you navigate this chapter in life with our blend of down-to-earth, yet targeted legal counsel.

As a divorce attorney in NYC, our top AVVO-rated firm understands that the financial realities of divorce can be daunting, however, we view each case as unique. In turn, we value all of our clients, providing an individualized approach to all divorces both big and small.

We also provide services as high net worth divorce lawyers in NYC and New Jersey and are well-versed in the laws surrounding property distribution, bank accounts, and investments as we guide you on protecting your assets during divorce.

You may already have some financial questions to ask a divorce attorney, like “What is your financial responsibility during a divorce?” or “How to be financially stable after divorce?” Rest assured, we will guide you through your decisions with expert legal advice, and answers, throughout your divorce process.

All in all, Clement Law is proud to provide all of our clients with comprehensive legal representation from start to finish. We help you focus on the big picture, achieve your goals, and see brighter days ahead.

Three Reasons to Hire Us

Decades of Experience

Decades of Experience

Attorney Daniel Clement has practiced law since 1986 and has written and lectured on various family law issues. In addition, he has been interviewed as an expert in the field of family law on television, radio, and in the written press. He is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School and the State University of New York at Albany. Mr. Clement ihas been member of the New York City Bar Association and served s on the Matrimonial Committee. He has worked as an arbitrator in the Small Claims Court of the City of New York. He sat on the board of several charitable organizations.
Decades of Experience
Skillful And Aggressive Legal Representation

Skillful And Aggressive Legal Representation

Attorney Clement understands how overwhelming it can be when family issues evolve into legal issues and how critical it is to have a seasoned family law attorney advocating for you and your family. If you are facing a divorce, child custody, or other family law issue, you can be assured that Daniel and his legal team will help guide you through these challenging times, ensuring your rights are protected.
Skillful And Aggressive Legal Representation
Client-Centered Legal Services

Client-Centered Legal Services

At the Law Offices of Daniel Clement, P.C. our focus is always on client-centered legal services, providing you with effective legal representation that puts your needs and goals first. This is why weduring our confidential initial consultations we want to make sure we understand the full scope of your legal issue in order to develop a strategy that will get you the best possible outcome based on the circumstances of your case. We also understand that many of our clients have unique and full schedules, and taking time off from work or other commitments can be difficult. This is why maintain flexible to office hours to accommodate your schedule .
Client-Centered Legal Services

Awards and Press

Experienced Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Attorney Daniel Clement has been a recipient of the annual Super Lawyers award for multiple years. Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.

Attorney Daniel Clement has been a recipient of the annual Super Lawyers award for multiple years. Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.



Divorce is never easy. Our firm understands that staying focused and organized, not to mention keeping the lines of communication professional, is important throughout the divorce process. As wealth protection in divorce is a key concern among our clients, we can provide tips on planning for divorce financially with the expertise and peace of mind to assist you in resolving your divorce justly and effectively. Achieving these goals sets the stage for a fresh start for all.


Even more impactful than the financial consequences of divorce is the issue of child custody. Child custody is often the most emotionally-charged aspect of divorce. As an experienced family law attorney in NYC, we are committed to helping you protect your children’s best interests. We will work with you to put the children first, implementing visitation and parenting schedules that work for you and your children.


At Clement Law, we understand that each party brings value to a marital union. Many couples feel that a prenuptial agreement is the best and most economical way to protect yourself financially before divorce. We are experienced in prenuptial agreements that protect your separate premarital assets, including real estate, investment accounts, and gifts and inheritances from your future spouse, as well as other assets acquired during the marriage.


Did you know…just getting a divorce in New York doesn’t mean that all of your assets, including your homes, bank & investment accounts will be split equally. Clement Law is an experienced divorce attorney in NYC who has your back. Using our mindfulness and experience, we will fight for you, negotiating on your behalf to ensure that you receive the marital assets to which you are entitled.


Studies show that sadly, there can be a major financial impact of divorce on women. In addition to financial assets and other property, alimony and child support must be factored into a divorce settlement. Clement Law has experience in handling maintenance or alimony arrangements, which are often part of a fair component of divorce.


High net worth divorce lawyers in NYC. There is even more at stake in cases of high net worth divorces. Clement Law provides divorce financial solutions with the experience and acumen to navigate sophisticated assets such as vacation homes, investments, business entities, intellectual property, and sometimes even hidden assets associated with high net worth divorce cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lawyer for a divorce?

The law does not require a person to hire an attorney in order to obtain a divorce, however, it is important to realize that even the friendliest  of divorces can suddenly become contentious. This is why it is advisable to consult with a New York divorce lawyer. The assistance of an attorney can be extremely valuable since they can offer legal guidance to protect your rights and navigate the complexities of the divorce process.

If your divorce involves assets, disagreements over child custody, spousal support matters, or intricate financial arrangements, having a lawyer by your side can safeguard your interests and help you achieve the best possible  resolution. Divorces can be emotionally charged situations where tensions run high. Your attorney will advocate for you while maintaining objectivity, helping to minimize potential conflict. Retaining a divorce lawyer increases the chances of reaching a quicker and better  outcome for everyone involved.

Will my spouse get half of everything during a divorce?

Under New York divorce asset division laws, the focus is on equitable distribution rather than an  equal split. This means that assets, debts, and property obtained during the marriage will be divided in a way that is considered fair under the circumstances of your case, but not necessarily equal between both partners. The court takes into account certain factors when deciding how to distribute these assets, including the duration of the marriage, each partner’s contribution to the relationship, their financial situations, and future needs.

While it’s common for property to be divided close to a 50/50 split, there is no guarantee. This is another reason why it is important to have an attorney representing you and making sure you do get your fair share of the marital estate.

What are the factors the judge considers when deciding child custody?

When deciding child custody, the ultimate goal of the  judge in a custody case is determining what will be in the child’s best interest. In order to make that determination, there are several factors that the court will examine.

Some of the most common factors include:

  • Each parent’s ability to create a safe and loving environment for the child.
  • Each parent’s physical and emotional well-being.
  • Each parent’s willingness to foster a relationship between the child and the other parent.
  • The child’s bond with each parent.
  • The child’s wishes (depending on the child’s age).
  • Each parent’s ability to meet any special needs the child may have.
  • Each parent’s living arrangement situation.
  • Each parent’s work schedule.
  • If there is any history of abuse, neglect, or substance abuse by either parent.
What should be included in a parenting plan?

When creating a parenting plan, the following are some key elements that should be included:

  • Your plan should specify how major decisions about the child will be made, including medical decisions, education, religion, and extracurricular activities.
  • Your parenting plan should specify which parent the child will primarily live with. If one parent is going to have residential custody, , thenthe  parenting plan should have a detailed visitation schedule.  This schedule should also include holidays, vacations, birthdays, and special days (i.e., Mother’s Day and Father’s Day).
  • If the child will be going back and forth between both parents’ homes, then your plan should include how transportation will be handled and detail drop-off and pick-up terms.
  • Your plan should also include a right of first refusal. This means that if the child is scheduled to be with one parent but that parent has some type of commitment that will prevent them from being with the child (i.e., a business trip), then the parent must ask the other parent if they want the child with them before making any other childcare arrangements.
  • Your parenting plan should also address how communication between the parents should take place and what the process should be for resolving disagreements between the parents or requesting modifications to the current parenting plan.
How does the judge decide about spousal support?

Spousal support, also referred to as alimony or spousal maintenance, is granted based on a range of factors depending on the circumstances of the marriage. These factors include the duration of the marriage, the financial resources and earning capacities of both spouses, their standard of living during the marriage, and their contributions to the marriage in terms of finances and non-financial aspects.

Additional considerations by the court may involve assessing the recipient spouse’s needs and potential for achieving independence, well as taking into account the age and health conditions of both spouses. The court also may take into consideration any sacrifices made by one spouse for supporting the other’s career or education, or if one spouse faced financial and/or career disadvantages during the marriage due to fulfilling roles such as being a homemaker or caring for children.

What Our Clients are Saying About Us

Daniel helped me navigate my divorce. He always thoughtfully answered all of my questions and took care of everything. Always very timely with his correspondence. Thank you!

– Lex McCoy

I found Mr Clement online. He has been dealing with my Divorce case for about ten months. During this time, he expressed sensitivity for the stress I suffered and combined that with a high sense of professionalism. HIs knowledge was accurate and so guided me safely to a good outcome. Mr Clement was extremely responsive. I never had to wait very long for him to get back to me on critical matters. He is a man of integrity and fairness. He is well worth the money and time. I highly recommend him.

– Peter Bonadie

Daniel has a strong command of the law and is attentive in all matters. I also liked Daniel’s diplomacy and ability to weigh up situations and provide great advice and allow the process of mediation to move forward. I can personally recommend Daniel for family law matters and if engaged, you will have an excellent ally who will battle for you and advise across any matter in a commendable fashion.

– Gary Hardwick

I HIGHLY recommend using Daniel Clement’s law services to anyone, including my family and friends. I had a terrible experience with my first divorce attorney. Daniel Clement was recommended to me by another attorney. I didn’t know what to expect but I put my faith and trust in his hands. He was VERY responsive to my calls and emails. He listened, addressed my concerns, answered my questions and gave me a tissue when I needed it. He talked and walked me through every step of the legal process. He encouraged me not to settle for less and to ask for my fair share. I won everything I asked for including my freedom. Thank you so much Mr. Clement!

– Lisa M.

Daniel came highly recommended, and he didn’t disappoint. I was unsure of how to navigate the course of my divorce, but Daniel remained undaunted and was the calm in the storm when dealing with the many intricacies involved throughout the process. It was clear during court hearings how much the judge respected and listened to him. And by the end of settlement negotiations, I got nearly everything I wanted and on my terms. I highly recommend Daniel if you’re looking for experience, knowledge, and support to get you through this complex process.

– Karen R.

Dan was everything I could hope for in a divorce attorney- his fees were very reasonable, he focused on the best approach for resolving issues, and advised against positions I initially wanted which could have made the process more complicated/not worth it in the end. My ex tried to make things as complicated as possible, but Dan wouldn’t take the bait and saved me a ton of legal fees in the process. And about those fees- every invoice was reasonable and understandable based on the work that was done, which in a divorce is probably the best you can hope for!

–Gary C.

I’ve had the uncommon experience of hiring Dan for three separate cases. Dan has always been diligent and insightful while still maintaining his patience with me during what were frankly some of the worst personal experiences of my life. He helped me stay sane while also ensuring that my expectations lined up with reality. No small feat! His guidance was invaluable and brought me real peace of mind and a pretty favorable outcome, especially given how much was at stake. Would definitely hire again.

– Michael

Experienced Divorce and Family Law Attorney

At Clement Law, we are a divorce attorney in NYC who pride ourselves on our attentive legal support and can help you assess the financial realities of divorce. From prenuptial agreements to high net worth divorce cases to child custody agreements, our clients appreciate our no-nonsense legal approach that is both sympathetic and savvy. Read more about what they have to say here.


Daniel Clement

The Law Offices of Daniel E. Clement

Daniel Clement graduated from Brooklyn Law School and the State University of New York at Albany. With over 35 years of experience, he has been a member of the New York City Bar Association and the Matrimonial Committee. In addition, he has worked as an Arbitrator in the Small Claims Court of the City of New York. 

Known for his straightforward yet savvy approach to law, he specializes in multiple areas of family law including divorce, how to protect assets in a divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreements, property division, maintenance/alimony, and high net worth divorce. Clients hire Daniel for the personal attention, hard work, street smarts, and excellent value he brings to each case.

An accomplished attorney, Daniel also lectures and writes for various publications, including a blog entitled the “New York Divorce Report” and has co-authored the book, “Onward and Upward: Guide to Getting Through New York Divorce and Family Law.”

The Divorce Report

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