Pragmatic, Individualized Divorce Help from an Experienced Lawyer

The decision to divorce can be emotionally-charged. Arguments often grow heated. Personal issues impair your ability to make practical decisions about your future.

It takes a skilled matrimonial lawyer to help you set emotions aside so that you can focus on making the right decisions. Especially when you are divorcing in New York or New Jersey, you need someone who gives pragmatic, individualized advice—someone who can help protect your interests.

At Clement Law, this is the representation we provide. Daniel Clement uses his more than 25 years of experience as a divorce lawyer in New York and New Jersey to effectively counsel you and shepherd you through the issues you face. He has successfully represented countless divorce clients and has served as a member of the Matrimonial Committee at the New York City Bar Association.

The Experience to Effectively Resolve Your Divorce

Daniel’s experience and legal knowledge gives him the know-how and skill to handle any divorce, including:

  • High-net worth divorces: Our firm represents individuals who have acquired significant assets during their marriage. These assets include marital homes, vacation and investment properties, closely held companies, investment portfolios, family businesses, intellectual property and high-value collections. Dividing and equitably distributing these valuable assets as part of a divorce can be complex, which is why you need an experienced lawyer by your side.
  • Same-sex divorces: Same-sex couples face unique challenges when considering both marriage and divorce. The challenges include understanding how new and evolving laws will be applied. We are here to help you navigate these unsettled waters.
  • Contested divorces: In a contested divorce, the parties disagree about some or all of the issues they face. They may disagree about child custody, visitation or parenting time, support payments or the division of property. It is critical to work with an experienced lawyer to protect your interests. At Clement Law, we will attempt to resolve many of these issues so you never have to go to court. But if you have to go to court, we have the skills and experience to effectively advocate for you.
  • Uncontested divorces: In uncontested divorces, couples generally agree on how their case should be settled. Guided by legal counsel, they work together to come to a satisfactory agreement. At Clement Law, we provide practical guidance, protect your rights, and draft settlement agreements and all the legal papers necessary to secure your uncontested divorce.
  • Collaborative divorces: Our firm also has the capacity to take a collaborative approach to divorce. We represent individuals who wish to collaboratively negotiate with their spouses. We assemble a team of well-regarded experts who can assist in resolving the divorce in a collaborative way. This approach can be less stressful and more cost-effective, giving you control over the outcome of your divorce.

Helping You Make Decisions That Are Right for Your Family

Whatever approach you choose—whatever your divorce concerns—we are here to provide legal options, offer guidance, help you explore your options, and help you make decisions that are right for you and your family.

If you are contemplating a divorce or have a separate family law issue, we are here to help you. Contact us online to get started. You can also reach Clement Law by phone at 212-683-9551.

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