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If you are considering a collaborative divorce, you probably have already heard the basics. Collaborative law is a voluntary and private process in which spouses and their lawyers work together to negotiate a settlement.New York Collaborative divorce attorney Daniel Clement

If you choose to take a collaborative approach to your divorce, you, your spouse and your lawyers will commit to working things out together. You’ll sit down and negotiate the issues you face. Together, you’ll decide on things like child custody, child support, maintenance and the division of property. If necessary, we can align with experts to work with you, including financial professionals and child psychologists.

At Clement Law, we can guide you through the process. Our firm is especially well suited to help our clients in New York and New Jersey through the collaborative law process because we take a practical, hands-on approach to the practice of law. Daniel Clement gives usable, clear advice and works with you throughout the divorce process to achieve the best possible results.

Why Choose Collaborative Law?

It’s widely known that divorce can be one of the most difficult and emotional things you experience in your lifetime. The challenges are only compounded when things turn ugly in court. When spouses fight, extensive litigation can make things exceptionally stressful—and expensive.

Collaborative law is a real alternative with real advantages. These include:

  • Ownership of the outcome: When you go to court, you put choices about your future in a judge’s hands. When you are resolving things collaboratively, you discuss the options and make the decisions together. Statistics show that doing things this way makes couples more likely to report satisfaction with the outcome of their divorce. Even more, they are more likely to stick to the agreements they reach.
  • Stress reduction: Taking a collaborative approach can help eliminate the stress of airing disagreements in court. The approach can also reduce the duress on your children. They won’t be subjected to extensive discovery, and they won’t see their parents go to court again and again.
  • Saving money: Extended litigation is notoriously costly. Collaborative law is known to be a more economically responsible alternative because spouses work together to resolve conflict instead of engaging in litigation.
  • Setting a positive tone: Taking a collaborative approach to divorce also establishes an atmosphere of cooperation. It helps spouses start out right by working together, setting a positive tone for future dealings. This is especially important when spouses must learn to be co-parents to their children after a marriage ends.

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At Clement Law, our New Jersey and New York collaborative law practice helps you and your spouse find common ground as you decide to end your marriage. To get started, contact our law offices by calling 212-683-9551 or by sending our divorce lawyer an email.

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