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The very week that the New Jersey Supreme Court forced the state legislature to address the issue of same sex marriage, a New York court rendered a decision which highlights the differences in the law when same sex and heterosexual couples split-up. Indeed, “divorcing” same-sex couples are not entitled to equitable distribution. Instead, those couples...

Whenever playing a childhood game, the loser would inevitably call out as the game ended, “Do over.”  In golf, there are mulligans.  In the “game of divorce,” in most cases, there are no second chances to re-negotiate or litigate fairly negotiated and properly executed marital agreement. The recently decided case of Kojovic v. Goldman, 2006 NY...

There has been much ado in the tabloids this week about the allegations of domestic violence by Paul McCartney against Heather Mills. So I wondered, what relevance would these allegations have if this case was being heard in New York? In New York, because only the parties, their respective attorneys and the court have access to...

 Jeffrey Lalloway points out in his California Divorce and Family Law Blog, an overwhelming 80% of divorce attorneys cited an increase in prenuptial agreements during the past five years in a recent poll of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyer (AAML) members. In addition, 65% of those surveyed answered that prenuptial agreements are most often sought...

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