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The New York  State Bar Association listed no-fault divorce as one of its key legislative priorities for 2007. As I previously detailed, New York is the only state that does not have a no-fault grounds for divorce.   The absence of a true no fault divorce has often resulted in costly legal proceedings and bitter custody...

I came across this article in NWI Times which confirmed, that which I already knew;   domestic violence and custody disputes increase during the holidays.  Though the article nvolves police in the Midwest, the message is universal. Police officers who have to work on Christmas are faced with a double whammy. Not only do they have...

The Family Law Prof Blog  picked up on a great piece that appeared in the New York Times. The piece is simply a series of questions couples should ask or wish they had asked before marrying. These questions are thought provoking and go to the core of the marital relationship. As a father/husband, I see...

I am overwhelmed by the popularity of this blog.   I want to provide you- the readers and subscribers with information that will be insightful and helpful.   Please feel free to write me if there are any topics or news items that you wish me to address in the area of family law and divorce in...

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