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Approve No-Fault Divorce: A Judge Challenges Legislature

In a rare decision, a Nassau County judge challenged the state legislature to pass a bill adopting no-fault divorce.   Justice Robert Ross in Molinari v. Molinari stayed rendering judgment in the parties’ fault trial until the New York State legislature considers the issue of no fault divorce. The decision highlights the fact that New York…
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Non Biological Father Liable for Child Support

Robert Ambrogi in his Network Blog details the case of a man who learned during his divorce, that he was not the father of a child born during the marriage.   Notwithstanding the fact that he was not the child’s biological father, he was ordered to pay child support.   . . . .through a…
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No-Fault Divorce Benefits Marriage

In a fascinating article published in the New York Times, Tyler Cowen, a professor of economics at George Mason University and co-author of a blog, the Marginal Revolution, explores the benefits of what he terms, unilateral divorce.   His conclusion, unilateral or no-fault divorce leads to happier but perhaps, less committed marriages. In the United States, the…
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Disputed Real Estate in Divorce: How Is It Valued?

The martial home is often the most valuable asset to be dealt with in a divorce. Generally, one of three things can happen to the martial home as part of the divorce: it is sold on the open market, one of the spouses buys out the other spouse’s interest, or one spouse is allowed to…
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How to Prepare for Divorce- A Primer

Michael Sherman in The Alabama Family Law Blog started an excellent series of articles (seven so far) on preparing for divorce. Preparation is essential. Since one of the primary purposes of divorce is to divide the marital assets, you should be knowledgeable about your and your spouse’s income, assets and debts. If you are in the…
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The Long Term Health and Financial Consequences of Divorce

Health News Digest  reports that there may be  health and financial costs to  divorce that  do not reveal themselves until long after the divorce is complete. It is widely known that because of the economies of scale, many  families going through a divorce and those with children, in particular, will face some diminution in their…
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