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Post Nuptial Agreements Gain Popularity

The Financial Times reports that there is a growing trend for post nuptial agreements.   Like the pre-nuptial agreement, the post-nuptial agreement sets out the parties’ rights, obligations and liabilities upon the termination of marriage by either death or divorce. The only difference between the two marital agreements is that the post-nuptial agreement is executed sometime after…
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Grandmother Granted Visitation By Appeals Court

The Appellate Division granted a grandmother visitation with her grandchildren in the case In the Matter of Carol Steinhauser. Of significance, the Court noted that  that mere animosity between the children’s father and his mother-in law was not a sufficient basis for denying visitation. In the brief opinion, the Court, after detailing the two pronged-inquiry…
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The Myths of Divorce:: A College Study

The National Marriage Project at Rutgers University put out a fascinating study debunking The Top Ten Myths of Divorce. Perhaps the most interesting portions of the study, address the issues of divorce and children. The study shows, not surprisingly, that divorce has deep, long lasting emotional effects on children, and increases the likelihood that their…
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Clear and Unambiguous Agreements Avoid Future Disputes

It seems to be just common that when negotiating any type of marital agreement, it is important to make sure that your every intention is clearly spelled out, even if the intent seems obvious to you..  Such is the lesson of recently decided case of Genovese v Axel. In Genovese: [T]he parties executed a prenuptial…
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Divorce Denied For Failure to Prove Grounds

After recently staying a decision after trial so as to urge the New York State Legislature to adopt a no-fault divorce bill, Justice Robert Ross, in another case, denied a husband a divorce because he failed to prove that his wife had constructively abandoned him. From the account of case appearing in Newsday, the wife…
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Divorce Based Upon Separation to Be Reduced to 3 Months

Legislation to shorten the one year separation grounds for divorce to three months was approved by the Judiciary Committee of the New York State Assembly last week. The current law requires parties to leave separate and apart pursuant to a written agreement for one year in order in order to state a grounds for divorce.  …
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